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  • 30° of backrest angle adjustment in 10° increments for effortless repositioning and maximum user comfort
  • -5° to 35° of gas-assisted tilt-in-space functionality minimises manual handling efforts during the showering process
  • 4x total locking stainless steel castors provide brake access from all angles
  • Open back straps provide greater access for bathing needs
  • Backrest may be configured as full length or 3/4 length to accommodate an advanced headrest
  • Open armrests style accommodates a wider sitting surface whilst maintaining a smaller base footprint for improved accessibility
  • Height adjustable, swing away footrests with calf pads for optimal positioning, support and ease of transfers
  • Tool-free height adjustment to 4 settings allow the commode to be easily adapted to varying needs
  • Overall Height: 1315 - 1485 mm
  • Overall Width: 560 mm, 630 mm (wider model costs $3,195)
  • Backrest Height: 900 mm
  • Armrest Height: 275 mm
  • Anterior Seat Height: 460 - 630 mm
  • Posterior Seat Height: 460 - 620 mm
  • Safe Working Load: 250 kgs

Note: All commodes also require a commode seat to be purchased. No seating is inclded in the above pricing.


Warranty Information

  • Corrosion: 5 Years
  • Components: 1 Year


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