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Gloriamed Compression Stockings: Class 1, medical grade
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Gloriamed Compression Stockings: Class 1, medical grade

These open toe, knee length unisex compression stockings are easy to pull on and adjust as well as being very comfortable. The products are also very beneficial when undergoing skin cancer surgery of the lower leg (pre and post) as well as decreasing the risk of blood clotting and lower leg swelling during air travel. Other benefits include alleviating mild symptoms of venous diseases such as heaviness and fatigue in the legs, combined venous and arterial insufficiency and mild varicosities without significant edema.

Why buy our cotton blend (27% cotton) compression stockings?

The cotton content of 100% natural cotton fibres provides maximum comfort and support. Our products are hypoallergenic and transpiratory, meaning that they are well suited for those who suffer from dermatological problems. They are also ideal for warm and humid environments, for elderly people, and for people with strong allergies to synthetic fibers.

DVA Eligible


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