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Freedom Chair DE08 Premium Lite
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Freedom Chair DE08 Premium Lite

The recently launched DE08 power wheelchair has the unique ability to quickly and easily split into two peices, making it truely portable. The heiviest peice weighs only 14kgs allowing for it to be easily lifted into the car boot! Don’t break your back trying to lift your portable powered wheelchair ever again.


  • Super easy to fold in a second either way
  • Splits quickly and easily into two easy to lift segments
  • Features curved backrest
  • New double hinge extended footrest
  • Joy stick can easily be mounted on left or right side of armrest
  • Finger tip intuitive control
  • Extremely compact when fully folded
  • One piece folding design
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • High performance lightweight lithium battery 15 km range on just one battery
  • Range can easily be extended with a second battery to 30km, and a third battery to 45km in range
  • Battery easy to recharge using battery charger provided
  • Electromagnetic automatic braking
  • Suspension
  • Ideal for travel
  • Under seat travel pouch
  • MSDS for battery supplied for airline travel


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