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Air-Lo 3 Alternating Overlay
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Air-Lo 3 Alternating Overlay

The Air-Lo 3 Alternating Overlay leads the field in affordable prevention of pressure areas and skin breakdowns where a lower profile overlay for lighter patients is desirable. It's compact, powerful yet almost silent control unit can quickly support patient loads of up to 110 kg whilst alternately allowing pressure to be released across the rest of the body.



  • Static head section eliminates patient dizziness and disorientation
  • 21 pure TPU transverse air cells alternate to provide maximum comfort prevention and therapy
  • High quality two way stretch top cover is fully welded and can be high temperature washed for total infection control
  • All waterfalls are turned and welded for maximum infection control and zip protection
  • High capacity yet unobtrusive side CPR release gives maximum safety in the event of pulmonary emergency
  • Medical Grade Power cord is run inside the mattress to avoid dangerous threading under the bed or on the floor
  • An optional internal Air-Lo Hyperstretch Coverlet can easily be fitted under all AirLo top covers to ensure maximum patient comfort and insulation.

Warranty Information


  • Pump: 2 Years
  • Softgoods/Cover: 1 Year

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