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Active Air 8 - alternating air mattress
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Active Air 8 - alternating air mattress

  • The Active Air Acute 8 is specifically designed to meet the demands of Critical Care environments, maximising patient comfort and therapeutic outcomes.
  • 1 in 3 Cell Alternation Cycle with 24 Narrow Profile cells – Improves patient comfort by reducing space between cells and increasing patient support surface area.
  • Focused Heel Care – Removable heel cells facilitate rapid response to changes in heel therapy needs.
  • Dual Compressor Pump – Reduces noise and efficiently manages patient therapy at highest patient weight loads (250kg).
  • Hospital Grade Cover – Thicker weight polyurethane fabric with increased bleach resistance to handle modern hospital infection control standards. Suitable for Sodium Hydrochloride solutions.

Warranty Information

    • Cover: 2 Years
    • Air Mattress: 1 Year
    • Pump: 2 Years

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